Nearly a quarter of news articles include social media embeds


Social media curation platform SAM analysed one million web pages using its Report Card tool, focusing on North American news sites such as New York Daily News, Fox News, Vox, CNN or Forbes, to find out more about the role social media plays in newsgathering today.

The report, released on 19 October by SAM, showed that some 23 per cent of news articles contain a social media embed.

Twitter is by far the most popular social network to generate embeds for news outlets, representing 59 per cent of all embeds identified by the report, followed by YouTube with 26 per cent and Instagram with 14 per cent.

Social storytelling and embeds are here to stay. Modern reporting will continue to adopt these means as a way to access and deliver a wide breadth of content.

Companies should acknowledge that social media is an integral newsgathering tool used by journalists to enrich their publications. Social media is a great way to search for contributors, case studies, information and see what people are saying on a particular topic.

When used effectively, social media is a great way of building up a network of interested and engaged stakeholders, including journalists, which you can use to communicate with frequently and in a positive way – in a time of crisis, or during business as usual.

Developing the social media literacy of your staff and seafarers, however, is an essential step in safeguarding your reputation online.

In crisis, maintaining control over social media is key and can play a vital role in the proper handling of any situation.  Seafarers and employees’ “unintentionally harmful” posts could be easily interpreted in a wrong way and could seriously damage a reputation built for years.

MTI Network recommend regular social media training for staff, the adoption of social media guidelines and any other tools that remind your staff and seafarers regularly about what expectations you have of their behaviour on social media.

Please contact our office at +44 (0) 207 823 9444 for information about how to improve the social media literacy of your staff.

Find the full SAM report here.