Crisis Response

Reputation takes years to earn but only a second to damage or lose – a careless comment, bad report or incident.

MTI Network understands that when crises occur, your priority is the people, the environment and getting the situation under control.

By providing a critical and impartial outside eye, MTI Network crisis media response service works in tandem with all of your company stakeholders to ensure a smooth, timely and transparent response to media and public interest.

Our aim is to help clients effectively communicate and arrive at successful conclusion to incidents.

Using our network of 23 offices and a further 21 associate offices, covering every time zone, we offer a truly global crisis media response.

Frequently handled issues include:

  • Groundings
  • Oil spills
  • Collisions
  • Cargo disputes
  • Maritime piracy
  • Industrial accidents
  • Crewing matters
  • Environmental activism
  • Financial disputes
  • Migrants
  • …and many more

MTI Network offers the following services to support your organisation during a crisis:

  • Strategic media response consultancy 24/7 – 365 days a year
  • Media engagement
  • Spokesperson support and representation
  • Preparation of media statements and worldwide press release distribution covering all major broadcast networks, social media, online services, trade, regional and international print media
  • Relative response guidance
  • Dedicated incident support centre
  • MTI Network Incident Alert Service
  • Around the clock media monitoring

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