Cyber Security and Social Media: ‘Watch out for anonymous accounts’

Social media can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Staying in contact, networking, gathering and sharing information, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, it’s mostly fun and interesting. As long as you know more or less who you are talking to. Unfortunately, there are a number of accounts and people in the big social media world with bad intentions. It’s not always easy to discover these devils in disguise, however, what one can do at the very least is try to avoid the social media “trolls”.
Social media should not be a competition to achieve as many followers as possible. By experience I know that it’s better to focus on the quality of followers/friends/contacts instead of the quantity. Why should one follow anonymous accounts? In the first place you can’t check whether the information coming from an anonymous source is valuable and genuine. And secondly, with anonymous accounts there is always a certain security danger around the corner. If you know your followers or contacts “personally” you can be quite sure they won’t do you any harm on the internet. From the moment you give admission to anybody who asks, it can mean opening the proverbial gate of your computer to the digital horse of Troy. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry: don’t follow anonymous accounts and don’t let them follow you.
On LinkedIn, my own guideline is that I only accept people I have spoken to personally. On Twitter, I only follow or get followed by accounts that are identifiable. And on Facebook, I’m very suspicious of people I have never met
To avoid someone messing with your data or your personal digital information one of the easiest things to do and first steps to take, is to look to your social media. Don’t engage with anonymous and untrustworthy accounts and if you have done so by accident in the past get rid of them now, block them or even report them to the helpdesks of the various social media. But most of all, enjoy your time spent on social media!