Media Monitoring Services

In one minute on the internet (December 2015: Ehacking) there are:

  • 2,400,000 Google searches
  • 2,800,000 YouTube views
  • 547,000 new Tweets
  • 136,000 photos uploaded to Facebook
  • 110,000 Skype calls
  • 47,000 mobile apps downloaded
  • 120 new LinkedIn account created

This wealth of data, growing all the time, can be difficult to penetrate in order to find the information you want.

MTI Network uses a combination of specialist media and social monitoring tools, combined with manual searches, to help bring you what’s useful and keep you fully informed about your public profile – identifying reputational issues at a glance.

With the ability to track over 190,000 news publications and 300 million social media conversations, we give you the information that really matters, alongside tailored analysis and statistical reporting.

Talk to us about your requirements or ask about our services:

  • Ongoing issues
  • Crisis media monitoring
  • Company specific media monitoring
  • Current affairs monitoring
  • Piracy media monitoring
  • Social media

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