ProResponse Media Training

Training provided:

  • Media Awareness and Telephone Training

    An introduction to the relationship between the maritime and offshore industries and the media.

    Through the use of industry case studies, participants will develop an understanding of media interests and their objectives, during an incident.

    This course includes a practical session where participants will learn how to handle aggressive phone calls or any attempt by a journalist to conduct a ‘doorstep’ interview.

  • Media Advanced Television Training

    The advanced course – participants learn how to engage with the media during an incident.

    Beginning with an overview of the current maritime media landscape, you’ll explore good and bad examples, before learning what makes an effective crisis response.

    With a focus on practical exercises, participants will learn how to answer difficult questions and deliver appropriate responses on camera.

  • One-to-One Media Training

    Designed to develop the media skills of your key spokesperson(s) this is aimed at senior management.

    You will learn advanced television interview techniques and how to develop responses to company, industry and crisis issues on a broad and in-depth basis.

    There is an emphasis on corporate strategy and messaging at the same time as refining individual performance on camera.

  • Seafarer Training

    This course teaches seafarers how their activity at sea can impact on their own, and your company, reputation.

    Seafarers will learn about the relationship between the media, shipping and reputation management – with a strong focus on their use of social media.

    A practical part explores scenarios where seafarers may be approached by media and how to respond accordingly.

In a crisis, the media moves quickly and so should you – reacting decisively and in a way that doesn’t inflame the situation.

It’s vital therefore that you have a plan, and feel prepared for, a crisis.

MTI Network can provide media training for your spokespeople, or your staff, of all levels on how to respond appropriately and under pressure to a crisis.

Using scenarios based on exact operational activity, each course is individually tailored to company requirements and to those who are attending.

Courses will challenge participants and encourage discussion; whilst learning valuable, on and off camera, media skills.

MTI Network also provides training for non-senior management employees who may be contacted and/or pressured into sharing information on company issues and incidents. This training focuses on teaching participants media awareness, as well as techniques to correctly communicate with the media in a high pressure situation.

Courses notes and certificates are provided. Please contact us to discuss your media training requirements.