Social Media

Social Media services:

  • Social Media Training

    Helps educate your staff / seafarers and reduce the risks involved when using social media.

  • Social Media Guidelines

    Outline explicitly what your expectations are of your staff / seafarers conduct online and any consequences of not meeting these.

  • Social Media Audit

    A regular review of your organisations online presence, and what is being said about you. Will flag up any potential threats to your reputation.

  • Social media strategy

    Improves the return on your social media efforts.

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Social Media Services

MTI Network believes in the many benefits of social media – guided by a little education, which can go a long way.

Sometimes it helps to start talking about social media as ‘social technologies’. This helps to convey the speed, potential and possibilities of today’s hyper-networked culture.

In such a short space of time, the media landscape has been transformed by the collision of mobile internet, computing power and the increasing portability of personal devices; many of which have now replaced a camera, a diary and even a wallet!

This has changed the way people behave, and interact with media, moving them from just consuming to producing – a social media.

As an organisation, this means you are no longer in complete control of your messaging, or what is said about you. You need to listen, engage and understand to what is being said. If not, there are risks to your reputation from competitors, customers or even your own staff!

We offer proactive employee and seafarer training – designed to teach and encourage the responsible use of social media in a work related context.

Our bespoke courses cover the risks involved when using social media – to a company, or an individual.

Training can be complemented by social media monitoring that can catch any issues before they spill over into the public domain.

With everyone, from consumer to staff, now expecting to share their lives and form relationships (sometimes with companies) online – social media has never been a more important part of reputation management.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. You may also like our blog post “Demystifying Social Media”.